6 Beautiful Engineering & Manufacturing Websites for Your Inspiration

6 Beautiful Engineering & Manufacturing Websites for Your Inspiration

It’s surprising that most industrial websites out there in the engineering and manufacturing space are so uninspiring and hard to navigate. Some seem to be built during the dawn of the internet and can easily find a honorary place in a museum for outdated websites.

Working with companies from these industries, we soon discover that a lot of them just have no clue how a great engineering website could look like as they are such a rare breed. That’s why I have gone hunting for a few of these unicorns to showcase the potential of how great web design can uplift websites from even the most technical fields.


Eba (https://eba.pl/en/)

Eba is a manufacturer of POS furniture for the largest retailers in Europe. Although you don’t see any physical products on the site itself , you will find on display a very strong branding and great focus on their processes, technology and company culture through its rich content and well curated images. This can be a great strategy for companies like OEMs that may have confidentiality issues with showcasing their products. Most of all, the copy really stood out for me, balancing being both informative and inspirational, which is rare for engineering websites.


Tubelectric (http://tubelectric.com.ar/home)

Tubelectric’s site is a work of simplicity and beauty, combining bold typography, effective use of brand colors and great imagery of its products to differentiate itself from other industrial websites. The devil is in the details, however. What really sets it apart is the user experience you get from the interactive animations that load or reveal the content as you explore the site. No wonder it’s awarded the AWWWARDS Site of the Day!


AL13 Architectural Systems (http://al13.com/)

Pictures do say a thousand words, and in the case of this website definitely says more about the products than the copy itself. What greets you when you first enter are the beautiful, full screen images of architecture buildings built with AL13 products. These transit smoothly as you scroll through the site, giving you a seamless experience as you navigate the content. Combine this with a modern design and subtle animations, the site perfectly showcases its products and appeals exactly to its target audience.


Kaber (http://kabertech.com/)

This is a single page website but packs a punch right from the get go with a bold tagline overlay on top of a dramatic video background. As you scroll down, the content is clearly divided into sections using bold colors and impactful images that bring Kaber’s value propositions to life, ending with a strong call-to-action at the bottom. Visually stunning and effective, this site certainly deserves its place on this list.


Ghafari (https://www.ghafari.com/)

Ghafari is a huge global company with businesses spanning from construction to engineering, which means that it has an equally huge site. Clean and well layout, the most impressive feature about the site is how well the homepage and overall site navigation is design to help visitors find their way through the wealth of information. The understated and modern design also allows the content and images to take center stage. Sometimes, the simplest design are the most beautiful but not necessarily easy to achieve.

Best-Engineering-Manufacturing-Industrial-Websites-Plastics Unlimited

Plastics Unlimited (https://www.plasticsunlimited.com/)

An impactful and vibrant single page website highlights all the key capabilities, processes and product applications of Plastics Unlimited. To reduce clutter on the single page design while not compromising on technical details, information on this site is cleverly hidden via collapsible drop downs and popups. Pictures of real workers and machines also lend an authentic feel and credibility to the company.

It’s a wrap!

Hope these industrial websites are able to provide some inspiration for you guys. As you can see, most of them are not only gorgeous to look at but are also very purposeful in their use of messaging and alignment with their brand identity.

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