Case Study

DOERS helped Petratec develop an online brand for a global audience.


Petratec Pte. Ltd.


Branding, Website design & development, Content Strategy

Founded in 1982, Petratec transformed from a small local workshop to become the precision engineering arm of Petracarbon, a diversified engineering company based in Singapore.

With Singapore’s push to advance the manufacturing sector, Petratec like many other local engineering firms needed a way to differentiate itself and appeal to a more sophisticated global audience. To do so, Petratec was looking to reconsider it’s business growth and regional expansion plans by redefining it’s image and ethos.

Petratec Manufacturing Engineering Branding


After identifying the challenges for Petratec, our goal is to design a brand new site that balances Petratec’s technical capabilities while expressing its vision in a distinctive way that captures the imagination of their potential clients and inspiring them to build something great together with Petratec.

Specialized Knowledge
Technical Capabilities
Distinctive & Imaginative

“Working with Doers has been an entirely positive experience. They have offered tremendous clarity in their design proposals as well as flexibility for design changes in their dealings with us. I highly recommend any company to take up your design requirements with them.”

Kenny Lee
General Manager, Petracarbon Pte. Ltd.

The Result


Impactful and visual driven homepage that leaves a lasting impression.
(Studies show that once your page loads, users form an opinion of your brand in .05 seconds.)

Petratec Manufacturing Engineering Website Design


Content creation (copywriting) to translate technical information and vision to easily understandable and inspirational copy.

Petratec Manufacturing Engineering Website Design

Clear call-to-action buttons to encourage visitors to contact and enquire about Petratec’s services.


Great images and dynamic layouts to create a distinct brand experience for visitors.
(Forrester Research has shown that 90% of customer experience decision makers say that a good experience is critical to their success.)

Petratec Manufacturing Engineering Website Design

Customized icons to enhance informational content.

Petratec Manufacturing Engineering Graphic Design

Responsive web design to ensure the web experience is great on mobile as well.
(Did you know that 40% of people would choose a different search result if the first is not mobile friendly.)

Petratec Manufacturing Engineering Mobile Responsive Website Design