A café where handcrafted ice cream and happiness is a religion.




Art Direction, Animation, Website design & development

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To Lickers, there’s something about ice cream that’s just bigger than food. Ice cream encourages everyone to be in the moment, melting and changing every second.

That’s why they are devoted to making better ice creams and bringing people together in the belief that great ice cream served perfectly in their fun-filled quirky cafe will give their customers some time away from this busy world.

Doers was invited to help build an e-commerce website for the fun whimsical brand so that they can deliver more happiness beyond their café.


The Lickers brand was built to be quirky & fun. Interesting flavours such as Oolong Lavender, Yakult Oreo and Cookie Monsters are served in an eclectic space filled with colourful posters and Lego figurines.

Using funky colors and patterns, amusing animations involving Licker’s unique mascot and other little fun details throughout the site, we aim to capture the brand spirit and put a smile on customer’s face.


Fonts were handpicked to help bring out Licker’s fun and playful personality.


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