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New digital roof for global steel brand.

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NS Bluescope is one of the global leaders in premium branded coated and painted steel products. Within South East Asia, it has 5 different websites for its various markets that were designed independently and lacked a cohesive brand ecosystem coupled with an inconsistent and outdated design. It sought a partner to help rethink and consolidate these sites.

The challenge: Unifying a fragmented ecosystem

To help restructure the sites and ecosystem for the brand in a way that works for the different markets. And design a modern website that reflects its premium brands and drive leads conversion from its B2B audience.

The outcome

A fresh and modern website that beautifully showcases NS Bluescope’s brands and products with an ecosystem that can be easily expanded to various countries and languages.


The first step was to audit the current state of the websites. Through the auditing process we discovered that the 5 different websites have been penalized on the SEO front due to content repetition and shallow pages. It was clear a remap of the content is essential for the new website.

Developing the strategy

We sat down with NS Bluescope to share our auditing results and surfaced the challenges the organization faced with their old websites. In the process we helped refined their target customers, did a competitive design analysis and aligned business goals to develop an actionable strategy for the new website.

  • Building credibility and premium brand impression associated with its brands and product range.
  • Increase industry awareness and drive early stage purchase considerations.
  • Drive leads conversion by using best-in-class SEO and user experience for the new digital ecosystem.

One of the style tiles created for NS Bluescope

Website redesign for a smoother user experience

Doers designed NS Bluescope’s new website with a new information architecture and navigation structure with the goal of making it easy for users to discover and learn about the brands and products, while cultivating leads with clear call-to-actions throughout the user journey.

Design to inspire

The aesthetics of the site also aligns with the business objectives of NS Bluescope as it needs to convey the premium quality of the brand and inspire designers and developers to consider the brand. We designed the site to be highly visual with well curated images of both products and projects paired with a fresh interpretation of its iconic blue gradient.

Beyond an engineering and manufacturing company we also want to paint a company with rich heritage and culture. Beside images of hardwares, we blend photos of NS Bluescope’s engineers and various employees to showcase their heartware behind the scenes.

Mobile minded design

A significant percentage of NS Bluescope’s traffic comes from mobile devices. One of our goals was to craft the user interface design to be modular, in order to achieve perfect responsiveness, no matter the screen size.

Localization and scalability

With a robust content management system in place and a modular website design, we are able to adapt the design for different markets with the flexibility to localize the content.



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