— Spotify SEA Premium 3F1 2019

A fresh and fun take on a popular offer.

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The 3-for-1 carrier billing offer has seen strong performance in previous campaigns within South East Asia (SEA) and Spotify wanted to continue building on that momentum.

The challenge

As there were no standout winners in terms of creative performance from previous ads, Doers was challenged to experiment and find new refreshing ways to communicate the basic and functional offer.

The outcome

A quirky and attention grabbing collection of still lifes and animations that is a fresh take on the 3F1 offer, which can be scaled across different platforms.

The concept: The surprising trio

After exploring various ideas, one idea stood out the most: just like how it is delightful to get 3 months of Spotify Premium for the price of 1, what items are usually singular but can provide an unexpected surprise if they appear in threes?

To extend the concept into motion, we also worked closely with Daydream to plan and direct five stop-motion animated videos that are adaptable for various ads.

Messaging and transcreation

The copy was wittily crafted to link the visuals back to the offer and call to actions, in order to increase purchase intent.

They were then subsequently transcreated into Thai and Bahasa Indonesia by our team to ensure that the essence of the messaging translates well to scale across the different markets.


It took many hours of planning and prop creation plus two days of photoshoot to get the animation just the way we want it. In the process, lots of eggs were cracked but we are proud that no fluffy animals were harmed along the way.



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