— Spotify SEA Premium Q1 2019

Localized campaign that connects and raises conversions.

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Expansion into Southeast Asia

Asia is a growing market for Spotify and to continue their growth and momentum, they are looking to unlock the mass market demand in key South East Asian (SEA) markets such as Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia for their Premium plans.

The challenge

Spotify is well known as a high quality streaming service. However, the SEA markets have the perception that Spotify Premium is only for avid music fans and is inaccessible as it also requires a credit card to purchase. This is a big challenge for a region with low credit card penetration.

In response, the new Daily and Weekly plans are introduced and can be paid using carrier billing to better target the mass market. A three months for the price of one (3-for-1) offer to entice high intent free users was also launched.

Doer’s mission? Help weave together a cohesive campaign for SEA that portrays Spotify Premium as relatable, accessible and drive uptake for its new plans.

The outcome: Localized campaign that outperforms

Doers helped localized Spotify’s Premium offers and USPs for its SEA audience in a vibrant music and dance campaign – resulting in strong performance, exceeding paid media forecasts. The ads also scored well for relevancy, entertainment and messaging in post market research.

The strategy

Planning for this campaign is a balancing act between creating brand awareness, optimizing ad recall and increasing purchase intent. The decision was made to create a mini series of 3 videos to cover all the objectives and enable us to build the protagonists up before re-targeting the audience with a final video.

Conversion focus static ads featuring the 3-for-1 offer, which complement the videos are also added to the overall ad sequencing to further drive uptake.

How to position Spotify as accessible and relatable across markets with different languages?

Furthermore, how do we achieve our objectives in a big way, with lots of production value that won’t break the bank?

We first identified common music moments relatable to all the targeted markets. Local insights also allowed us to weave unique Premium features into the stories – such as offline listening with no network coverage on public transports. The campaign was then built around these relatable moments experienced by a couple while commuting and doing house chores, before culminating in the perfect date.

To overcome the language barrier, we brought these moments to life through music and dance to forgo dialogues and overlay the messaging in different languages during post production. The result – scalable video assets that cover and resonate with all the target markets.


Campaign design

The entire look of the campaign for both video and static ads have to feel like an extension of the brand: vibrant and upbeat. We recreated a Spotify world with rich colours from the brand, custom built sets and matching wardrobes so that the audience can fully immerse themselves in it.

Video shoot

With the amazing video direction from Jake (Rolla), the dancers were allowed to play with their natural chemistry and got into the flow of music and rhythm. The resulting energetic performances managed to hit all the right notes and successfully convey the stories and messaging.


While the sets were changed between scenes for the video team, we have another team taking turns with photoshoot for the 3-for-1 ads. The same talents and props were repurposed to ensure a cohesive campaign with higher ad recall. With the steady hands of Dominic (Daydream) directing behind the lens, the dancers went freestyle and allowed us to capture amazing moments for the static ads.



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