— Spotify SEA Premium Q3 2019

Reframing music plans for SEA spending mindsets.

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New insights for Southeast Asia

Credit card penetration in developing South East Asia (SEA) markets are low and prepaid solutions are an important growth driver for Spotify Premium. Since the launch of prepaid plans in SEA, campaigns were focused primarily on Premium value propositions and communicating the flexibility mostly as part of the sub messaging.

Armed with new insights on the spending mindset in the targeted markets, Spotify aimed to launch a new campaign that shines the spotlight on the flexibility of prepaid daily and weekly Premium plans.

The challenge

How should we be speaking about daily, weekly prepaid plans in these markets? How can we show that the plans fit into the everyday habits of the target audience in a way that resonates with them?

The outcome

Doers delivered a strategic campaign that celebrates the unique ‘sachet’ mindset in SEA and shows how Spotify Premium Daily, Weekly plans can fit into the audience’s everyday habits – driving awareness and conversion consideration. Post market research also confirmed our humorous approach did well in making the ads memorable and engaged audience positively.

The strategy: Discovering creative opportunities through local insights

Our inspiration came from the ‘sachet’ mindset prevalent in our target markets, which refers to the practice of buying consumer products – such as detergent, shampoo, or beverages – in single-use packages call sachets or smaller packagings. This provides us with the perfect analogy to talk about the smaller, more affordable daily and weekly plans.

Working closely with Spotify, Doers helped refined the two key messaging that stems from this mindset and will best resonate with the market.

  • First is how the smaller daily, weekly plans allow users to get a taste of Premium before committing.
  • Second is how these flexible plans allow users to find the best fit for their lifestyles, as and when they need it.


Sometimes small is all you need

We knew early on in the storyboarding that we wanted to add a layer of fun and humor to the narrative to make the short video ads memorable.

That’s how we started coming up with the idea of Jon – a big lovable biker guy that believes that all good things come in small packages. Playing with the stereotype for such a character gives us a creative way to present the ‘sachet’ mindset in a fun way.

The campaign is split into two videos. One to introduce the character and his love for all things small and the other for re-targeting viewers with a humorous twist and a further call for action.

From Jon being bald and needing only a tiny bit of shampoo to hopping onto his Vespa instead of a Harley, or him comically using a small comb for his beard, the core message is that there’s a right size for everyone and you can find that for music as well with Spotify Premium daily, weekly plans.

Video shoot

The sets were designed and custom built in Spotify’s signature colourful palettes and the perfect Jon was specially talent scouted from the Philippines. Extra considerations were also taken to plan the shots in a way that can be adapted into different formats required for various social media platforms.

Then it was showtime and we had a blast shooting with team Rolla and Jon to bring the narratives to life.


Messaging on the ads were transcreated into Thai and Bahasa Indonesia by our team and scaled across the different markets.



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