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DOERS, a Singapore based branding and digital agency founded by Arthur Lim and Colin Ong, was officially launched in 2012. The story of DOERS, however, started way before when the founders first met while pursuing their design dreams in NUS (National University of Singapore) in 2009.

Outside school, Arthur and Colin enjoyed bantering and exchanging stories while sipping tea at a local coffeeshop. One would always order Teh O (tea with sugar only) while the other would get his Teh (tea with condensed milk). A ritual that has carried on till today and a allusion to the opposite nature of both individuals.

Born out of these tea sessions, DOERS is the embodiment of this polarity, which is being embraced and provides the diversity and eccentricity that allows us to help clients from various industries find their unique voice.

Now that we have told you our story, let us find yours.

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