Flucard® Pro

_Art Direction
_Mobile Apps GUI

Flucard® Pro is a Wi-Fi SD card created by Trek2000 that transforms digital cameras into Wi-Fi devices. With the Flucard® plugged into a camera you will be able to share your photos wirelessly with other Wi-Fi devices like the iPhone/iPad or upload them to an online portal on-the-go.

During his time as lead designer in Trek, Arthur (one-half of DOERS) was in charge of crafting the art direction and identity of Flucard® Pro for a global market. This includes designing materials ranging from graphics for marketing and advert + GUI design for Flucard® software and apps + web design for Flucard® website and portal.

The biggest challenge and opportunity for design was to create a user experience (product + interface + information) that is simple and fun for the technical product whilst remaining visually exciting to generate interest for a breakthrough product. It was this approach that guided the entire design process and art direction.

Flucard® Pro is currently retailed internationally.



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