The Sushi Bar

_Brand Identity
_Interior Concept

(Photos by Lionel Lum)
(Culinary Photos by PixelMusica)

The Sushi Bar is a cozy hole-in-the-wall Japanese restaurant located in the Orchard Road district. Helmed by Chef Eugene who is dedicated to his craft, DOERS was commissioned to design a brand identity and menu that matches his modern take on Japanese cuisine.

The traditional kanji character for “sushi” used in the design was chosen instead of the more common 2 character word because it has the symbol of “fish” on the the left and “delicious” on the right which embodies the spirit of the brand.

A slightly offbeat color scheme of dark navy and orange also lends itself to the modern twist given to the identity.

DOERS was also asked to conceptualize the interior of the space challenged restaurant inline with the brand identity we have created.



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