For those looking for a fresher, more natural way to disinfect and safeguard the health of love ones.




Art Direction, Branding, Website design & development, Graphic & Collateral Design

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Choose Health, Choose ClearPro.

ClearPro is a disinfectant specialist, which provides sterilization and clean up services in a safe and non-toxic way, ensuring the highest standard of hygiene in your living and working environment.

DOERS was approached to help brand ClearPro based on their philosophy of being fast, safe and reliable, with a focus on transmitting the brand’s dedication to provide a fresher and more natural type of disinfection service.


The brandmark uses a shield and a heart, reflecting ClearPro’s belief in protecting the health of those you care about with the use of safe and biodegradable cleaning agents. The shield can also be interpreted as a leaf or a flower which, together with the light green colour, further emphasises the natural aspect of their service.




As disinfectants are usually associated with sterile and cold places, we used a light green palette and rounded icons, together with vibrant images, to bring across a gentle and warm feel that invites visitors to explore the site.


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