Vi Dimensions

A game changer in the industry, Vi Dimensions ultimate goal is to revolutionize surveillance in cities by harnessing the network of thousands of existing cameras.


Vi Dimensions


Art Direction, Branding, Website design & development

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Vi Dimensions was founded with the simple idea that video analytics can be done in a much better and efficient way by going beyond detection to discovery.

Using its groundbreaking algorithms and proprietary unsupervised Machine Learning techniques Vi Dimensions’ software is able to derive meaningful information and actionable insights from vast amounts of real-time streaming autonomously.

As a new startup, Vi Dimensions approached DOERS to help craft a compelling brand as they prepare to launch the company through the media.

From the brand logo to its website, every element was built and weaved from the bottom up to present a comprehensive visual identity that is as bold as the company’s vision.


DOERS has been instrumental in helping us translate some of our raw ideas and abstract concepts into visual pieces and information on the website which helped effectively communicate the features of our product and technology to our customers. We are extremely satisfied and it’s a job well done. Keep it up, guys!

– Raymond Looi
CEO/Co-Founder, Vi Dimensions

Brand Overview

To create a holistic brand, we start with the bigger picture and identify the story and ideas that fuel the brand besides the strong technological features of Vi Dimensions. These ideas then create the seeds for every aspect of the brand development to follow.


We were first inspired by Vi Dimensions’ unique technology that identifies and connects complex data/patterns from crowds and traffic. Seeking a way to reflect this idea visually, we played with dots and lines and inject movements to them to simulate organic and random patterns that suggest the nature of crowd movements. The final logo was eventually born from the distillation and refinement of these ideas.





As a single page website, capturing the audience’s attention and leading them to the enquiry section was the key objective in planning out the design. By using a combination of rich imageries and strategic content architecture to distill the complex information, we are able to invite visitors to scroll through the page like a narrative.

We also took great care in interpreting every element on the site through the lens of the brand in order to create a visual language that is uniquely Vi Dimensions.

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