Memento (now Autodesk Recap)

From photos and scans to high definition 3D models. A powerful tool that makes Reality Computing scalable and accessible for everyone.




Branding, Website design

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Memento (now Autodesk Recap) was a groundbreaking end-to-end solution for converting any captured reality input (photos or scans) into high-def 3D meshes that can be cleaned up, fixed and optimized for web, mobile or 3D printing/ fabbing.

Our collaboration first started when the Memento team in the software giant Autodesk, was looking for a fresh identity and website to translate their technology to public beta.

A professional-grade tool easy enough for the public, Memento’s guiding principle has been the simplifying of previously complex and expensive processes, which inspired our minimalistic approach for the design.

It was a joy collaborating with the Memento team and being involved in such a revolutionary project. Our journey continues as we are currently working on the user interface and user experience for the software. Stay tune.


An understated and minimalistic logo that fits Memento’s philosophy of simplicity and allows the 3D models and software experience to take center stage.


With a clean and minimal aesthetic, the website keeps in line with the overall brand direction.


Inspired by the line based logo, a set of icons was designed for the website to visually enhance the content and communicate ideas.

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