Soon, everything and anything could be connected through the Internet of Things. OpenRemote is the open source bridge that contributes to this interconnected and smarter future.




Art Direction, Website design & development

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In the Internet of Things where everything is interconnected, devices – whether part of our everyday lives at home, healthcare or in urban life – can communicate with people and with one another, paving the way for automation.

OpenRemote is an international company that provides open source solutions that enable this smarter world.

DOERS was reengaged to design the new website following their rebranding to replace the old one we did in 2013. Looking at the brand through a fresh pair of lenses we crafted a site that syncs perfectly with the new identity.

Simplicity is at the core of the brand and was designed around this principle to make it approachable to the mainstream audience. Like before, technical ideas and information surrounding the products were translated into visually engaging layouts and graphics to enhance visitors’ experience as they explore the digital site.


A colour palette inspired by the new logo ensures that both the digital and offline identity of OpenRemote syncs seamlessly with one another.


Simple icons for big ideas. Combining clean lines and green highlights, we came up with an extensive set of icons to help OpenRemote visualize and tell their story.


Well organized, clean and spacious, the website invites visitors to explore and educate themselves about the various services and products.

Mobile Responsive


A simple checkout system lets a visitor pick and customize their products and be on their way to join the Internet of Things.

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