Sociale Signalering

Like a simple call to say that everything is okay, Sociale Signalering is a fuss-free mobile solution to keep you inform about your elderly love ones.


Sociale Signalering


Art Direction, Website design & development

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Faced with the challenges of an ageing population, Sociale Signalering is a Dutch company started to create solutions to help the elderly and their relatives stay in touch. With a high penetration of mobile tablets in the country, the company created a simple app that records whether the tablets of elderlies are in use and inform their love ones accordingly.

DOERS was engaged to design a website for Sociale Signalering that reflects the brand and syncs with the mobile app. Looking beyond functionality, we identify the brand’s overarching theme of connection between family and friends, and built the site around strong imageries that evoke this sense of connectivity through mobile devices.


We crafted an exclusive digital identity by creating a distinctive colour palette, which was applied consistently throughout the site and reinforced by the colour-coordinated images, which we handpicked and tweaked.



With a beautifully designed interface and well-functioning layout, the Sociale Signalering website delights and guides the visitors to sign up or find out more about the app.

Ecommerce + User Account

On the technical side, an ecommerce system was integrated that allows visitors to sign up for packages and pay with iDeal – the most popular online payment method in The Netherlands. This was also coupled with a user login and backend system that allows customers to easily check and update their status.

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