Victoria Theatre & Victoria Concert Hall

The grand dames of Singapore’s performing arts scene are going online.


Victoria Theatre & Victoria Concert Hall


Art Direction, Website design & development

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Restored to its original neo-classical 1905 structure, Victoria Theatre & Victoria Concert Hall is one of Singapore’s oldest performing arts venues. Having reopened in 2014 after a four-year renovation, Victoria Theatre & Victoria Concert Hall is now looking for a new home online.

Just like how the historical landmarks have been preserved and updated for a new generation, DOERS crafted a clean and minimal website that balances contemporary touches and classical elements while integrating with the existing brand.


As we like to say, a picture paints a thousand words. Great imageries form the basis of the website design, inviting visitors to admire the beauty of the restored architecture and interiors, while complementing the content.


Keeping in mind the heritage of the building and the existing brand identity, we handpicked and create a contemporary feel with classical fonts, just as how the restoration has breathed new life to the old.


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