A new lifestyle brand for the modern Cambodian. Starting with a cup of coffee.




Art Direction, Branding, Graphic & Collateral Design

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Formed in 2015, Bong is a lifestyle-focused brand for the modern Cambodian. Beginning with a cozy café beside a bike shop, it aims to first win the hearts of its customers one coffee at a time.

The name comes from a Khmer term of endearment and respect, showing Bong’s admiration for the country’s culture and way of life. It is also a reflection of the brand’s belief in building friendships and kinship as they embark on their journey.

With all that in mind, we came up with a versatile identity that embraces Bong’s philosophies while allowing it the room to evolve as its business and community grows.

As a brand that also shares Bong’s approach of building kinships with their customers, we really enjoyed every step of the ride in bringing the Bong brand to life.


Colin and his team at Doers worked with us on the logo and design concept of our store. We liked that Doers made the effort to understand our requirements so as to come up with ideas that were in line with the theme we wanted to portray. Using what was available locally which meant working with multiple constraints, Doers was able to come up with good ideas that gave our brand a professional image.

– Li-Ling Sitoh
Founder, Bong


As the overall Bong brand isn’t defined by any one product or venture, the logo system was designed with fluidity and freedom in mind. The hand-drawn style gives it an approachable personality, while the layout gives it structure. Parts of the logo can be added and removed to create different permutations.


Bringing the brand to life and spreading the Bong experience.

Graphic Patterns

We also designed a series of playful graphic patterns that can be applied to the interiors or various collaterals.

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