i Dance Central

A national voice for the dance community. A new online portal for those whose passion for the art form flows through their blood and feet.


i Dance Central


Art Direction, Branding, Website design & development, EDM

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i Dance Central is a national dance agency for Singapore. Previously known as Dansing, the organization sought to rebrand itself and launch a new online platform for local dancers of all forms and levels. From the armchair enthusiast to the professional dancer, i Dance Central aims to be “the national voice” for the dance community.

Working closely with the i Dance Central team and the National Arts Council (NAC), DOERS was challenged to create a new brand identity that can represent the diverse audiences, as well as a feature rich web portal that ties in with the branding and allows visitors to dive into the local dance scene.


Dance is a diverse and expressive medium. The motion and flow of it is captured in the logo through a series of abstract shapes symbolizing the 5 key audiences and showing them coming together around the word “Central”, which represents the web portal and heart of the brand.



The vibrant colours embody the diversity in the community. Besides accentuating the site design, the distinctive palette also helps to distinguish the different sections and aid users in their exploration.


Clean and uncluttered. The design complemented with handpicked images brings the digital platform to life and makes navigating the site a breeze.

Responsive Design

Dance anywhere, anytime, whenever you are in the mood. Responsive design brings the same experience to various devices.

Electronic Direct Mailer (EDM)

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