A new take on what it means to be a web hosting company. A world where ideas and dreams are launched and come to life.




Art Direction, Branding, Website design & development, Graphic & Collateral Design

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“We Host & Launch Great Ideas.”

Netdeploy is a re-imagination of a full service web hosting company that provides the platform and necessary tools that enable others to put their ideas on the World Wide Web.

Challenged to design a unique brand with a distinctive look amidst the competition, we departed from the norm and created new stories and meanings for the company and business.

So how did we envision Netdeploy being more than just a simple platform? Simple. We built a brand new world for it!

Come explore this exciting new world with us.

Brand Story

Hardwares, softwares, features and specifications do not build stories. It is the heart-ware that makes a company beat. We gave Netdeploy a new way of looking at itself, transcending its role as just a service provider to become a space where dreams are hosted and great ideas are launched.


The brandmark is formed from arrows, which can be seen to either launch forth from the “N” or come together to define a 3 dimensional letter with negative spaces – a visual metaphor that symbolises Netdeploy at the center where ideas are launched.




The best storytelling is visual. As the centerpiece for the brand, we meticulously constructed the site pixel by pixel to breathe life into a Netdeploy world where ideas and data flow through the cities, get stored in cloud colonies and launch into outer space.

Responsive Design

Experience the Netdeploy world seamlessly across different platforms and mobile devices.


Icons of various details were created to illustrate the information on the site and are versatile pieces that can be combined to recreate different scenes.


An extension of the Netdeploy world beyond its digital platform.

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