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A bold identity for a ground-breaking surveillance startup.

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    Vi Dimensions
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  • Brand Strategy
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A game changer in the industry

Vi Dimensions was founded with the simple idea that video analytics can be done in a much better and efficient way by going beyond detection to discovery.

Using its groundbreaking algorithms and proprietary machine learning techniques Vi Dimensions’ solutions are able to derive meaningful information and actionable insights from vast amounts of real-time streaming autonomously.

It’s ultimate goal? To revolutionize surveillance in cities by harnessing the network of thousands of existing cameras.

The challenge

How can we capture Vi Dimensions bold vision to revolutionize the surveillance industry? How do we help communicate its groundbreaking technology in a way that is easily understandable and useful to its target audience?

The outcome

Doers helped craft a compelling and informative brand for Vi Dimensions – logo, messaging, website and collateral – that is as bold and cutting edge as its vision.

“DOERS has been instrumental in helping us translate some of our raw ideas and abstract concepts into visual pieces and information on the website which helped effectively communicate the features of our product and technology to our customers. We are extremely satisfied and it’s a job well done. Keep it up, guys!”

– Raymond Looi
Ex CEO/Co-Founder, Vi Dimensions


Understanding what Vi Dimensions brand is and what they are championing for, helped define the positioning statement of the organization – We Deliver The Next Generation In Surveillance. This sets the tone for everything created for the brand.

Defining the brand

Through a series of exercises in the strategy session, we were able to extract and refine the key pillars of the brand. This defined the brand’s personality: how it should look, sound and communicate.

Brand identity

We were first inspired by the company’s unique technology that identifies and connects complex data/patterns from crowds and traffic. Seeking a way to reflect this idea visually, we played with random dots to represent the complex data points and lines to show the connections. Mapping the pattern on a sphere added depth and dimension to it, signifying the application of the technology in the physical world.

Finding the right type

We selected the typefaces of the brand to be clean, modern and reflect its technological background. A typeface flexible enough to work well across large printed displays down to small digital screens.

Brand Colours

Bold, serious and confident. Vi Dimensions colors are a reflection of its bold vision and its confidence to disrupt the surveillance industry with its cutting edge technology.

One of the style tiles created for Vi Dimensions

Website design

One of the key goals is to help communicate the smart technology to visitors of the website, which is the informational hub of the company. Doers worked closely with Vi Dimensions to plan a strategic content architecture that invites visitors to explore the site and to translate abstract ideas into rich imageries and visualizations that illustrate its USPs.

To make an impactful impression coinciding with the launch of the brand, every element on the site was designed through the lens of its brand personality – creating an aesthetic that is bold, cutting edge and uniquely Vi Dimensions.

Messaging to inspire and educate

Messaging is really important for brands to resonate and communicate with their target customers, especially for tech companies like Vi Dimensions with big revolutionary ideas. Beyond imageries we helped translate their abstract and technical concepts into inspirational and easy to understand copy and infographics.