A forward thinking startup, Pikai harnesses cloud technology to transform the way accounting is done.




Art Direction, Branding, Website design & development, Animation

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(Animation in collaboration with RightClick Studio)

Pikai is an accounting startup, which partners with Xero – a leading cloud accounting software company, to provide solutions that transform the way Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and fellow startups run their businesses using cloud technology.

As Pikai’s services are base on a relatively new technology, it aims to reach out to younger and more technologically savvy business owners and managers. Deviating from its conventional competitors, DOERS created a brand with a youthful and upbeat persona that better connects with these early adopters.


“DOERS has provided us with great designs coupled with great services which allowed us to present a professional front to our end customers.”

– Lin Jieyuan
Founder, Pikai


The brandmark was inspired by Pikai’s business approach of bringing together both accounting and cloud technology to create better solutions for its clients.



Customized icons and graphics for both the animation and website help build the unique visual vocabulary of the brand.


We also art directed and crafted the character and script for an animation video showcasing the benefits of Pikai’s cloud accounting services with help from our friends at RightClick Studio.


The digital site stays true to the brand and builds on the visuals created for the animation.

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