Sovereign Shipping Global

A shipping company started by three friends and ex-colleagues with a passion for the maritime industry.


Sovereign Shipping Global


Art Direction, Branding, Website design & development, Graphic & Collateral Design

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Based in Singapore, Sovereign Shipping Global is a company created by three friends and ex-colleagues with a passion for the maritime and shipping industry and over 40 years of combined experience in some of Singapore’s biggest shipping companies.

DOERS was commissioned to design the company’s branding and website to give it an image of professionalism and strong ethos that will resonate with clients from the shipping industry.


I have tried several companies for our company’s logo and website but they did not meet my requirements and standard. Doers came highly recommended to me through word of mouth. They listened with care and their final work was above my expectation and delivered with style backed by superb after services. Doers made my day!

– Wong Hong Lee
Managing Director, Sovereign Shipping Global


With its nautical roots, the brandmark was inspired by a “monkey’s fist” (a knot tied at the end of a rope to serve as a weight), symbolizing how Sovereign serves as an anchor of reliability to its clients. Weaved from interconnected lines in loops, it also expresses the company’s business of connecting and collaborating with others.





Driven by rich imageries of the marine industry, clean aesthetics and engaging copy, the site aims to create an emotional touch that is often missing when focusing on the industrial side of the business.

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