Brew & Bake

There’s always time for coffee and cakes. A whimsical, children book-inspired café.


Brew & Bake


Art Direction, Branding, Website design & development, Graphic & Collateral Design

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Born over cake and coffee, Brew & Bake is a quaint little café started by two friends that aimed to spread friendship and happiness through their good cakes and quality coffee.

Greatly inspired by children’s storybooks, DOERS was approached by the owners to breathe life into their whimsical concept.

From the colourful cartoons to the storybook style website, we lovingly pieced together a brand that invites others into the magical world of Brew & Bake.


Inspired by the owners love for children’s storybooks, in particular the vibrant illustrations of author Alain Gree and an initial sketch from them, we played with the idea of their entire café and website being a story.


We designed a primary logo based on the owner’s sketch and a more compact secondary version to be used in various scenarios. The logos are usually accompanied with the colourful graphics and patterns that also form the signature visual language of the brand.




Website + Graphics

Following the theme, the content on the site was displayed through chapters and a series of bright and cheerful cartoons. These images showcase Brew & Bake’s joyful personality and spread a little slice of cheer to all who come across the brand.

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