Behind the name of this accounting firm is a promise and commitment to create long-lasting relationships.


Long-Term Corporate Services


Art Direction, Branding, Website design & development, Graphic & Collateral Design

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Long-Term Corporate Services is an accounting and taxation firm that draws its name from its philosophy of developing growth and long-lasting relationships with its clients.

With accounting services being so ubiquitous the challenge was to create a unique identity and distinctive visual style that sets Long-Term apart from its competitors.

From its philosophy, which provided the seed of inspiration, we grew the idea and cultivated a brand that is sincere, approachable and reflects the ideals of the company.

Long-Term – Your Accountant for the Long Run.


Brand Story

Accounting and taxation deal with numbers and are usually seen as cold and uninspiring. To change that perception for Long-Term, we created the tagline “Your Accountant for the Long Run” and reimagine the company as a steward for their client’s tree (business). Everything from the colour palette to the visuals and tone of the messages are then cultivated to create an approachable and reassuring persona that strikes a chord with their customers.


The brandmark symbolizes the services provided and their commitment to long lasting growth with their clients. The dash that connects the word “Long” and “Term” was also deliberately stretched to emphasize the long-term relationships established

Logo Explorations




Tailored icons and graphics help communicate the brand messages and enhance the overall brand experience.


People seeking accounting and taxation help are often clueless about the services they require. Complemented with vibrant and friendly graphics, we designed a website that educates and guides the user through the services, creating a clear path for conversion.


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