With Toothsmith, visiting the dentist should be a walk in the park: a safe and comfortable experience.




Art Direction, Branding, Website design & development, Graphic & Collateral Design

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Toothsmith is a newly established dental clinic dedicated to changing the perception of dentistry and improving the experiences of everyone who step foot within its clinic.

With the belief that a happy and satisfied patient is the best form of business, Toothsmith knows that it is in the business of care first and foremost instead of sales.

This philosophy of care helps inspire the holistic strategy we took when commissioned to build a strong brand for the clinic, with everything from logo to images and colour palette tailored to craft a comfortable experience that puts the patient at ease and deliver on the brand promises.


What I love about DOERS is that they are a professional company that goes through a consultation with proper framework throughout the design process, offering sound advice when needed with great attention to every detail.

– Dr Samuel Ong
Founder, Toothsmith

Brand Overview

We started off the project by interpreting the brand together with the founder of Toothsmith and identified early on that a big part of it is in changing the perception of people towards dental care – from one that is intimidating to one that is friendly and fuss-free.

A brand map was created to help crystallize this vision for the brand and where it wants to position itself in the minds of its customers. This then serves as a guide for every aspect of the brand development.


To Toothsmith, dentistry is part craft and part science. It is about the skill and precision to prescribe the best care its patients deserve. It is how its name came to be and it also inspired us to play with the negative space of a tooth and its roots to form a dental handpiece, which was developed into a clean and visual brandmark.


As one of the cornerstone of the brand, a soft pastel blue was chosen as the primary colour for its soothing and approachable quality together with a pastel yellow as its complimentary accent colour. Various pastel colours were also introduced in the interior spaces of the clinic to further enhance the friendly vibe we want to be strongly associated with the brand.



Friendly and soothing, with well curated images and customized icons to help deliver the content, the Toothsmith website is a direct extension of the brand’s personality and aims to put a smile on visitor’s face even before they step foot in the clinic.


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